Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality

We are so proud of our presentation boxes that we wanted you to see them as soon as possible! A CIGA Design watch makes a great gift, and the presentation box truly completes the package for any memorable occasion.

Augmented Reality, commonly referred to as 'AR', uses the camera and screen on your mobile or tablet to project digital content into the real world. If your mobile device is compatible, click on the main product image to enter 'Quick Look' mode. Here you can toggle between 3D model mode and AR mode where you can place the presentation box directly on your nearest flat surface. If your device is compatible then you'll see the AR icon displayed in the top right corner of the product image:


Not all our mobile users will be able to see this functionality quite yet, unfortunately. Currently, the requirements are an Apple device running iOS12 or above used with the Safari browser. We are aiming to bring our AR content to as many mobile platforms as we can so sign up to our newsletter or follow our social feeds for updates on our progress.