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CIGA Design UK

CIGA Design UK is the official, exclusive supplier of CIGA Design watches in the UK. As the CIGA Design UK partner, we provide all warranty services and returns, tracked delivery and dedicated customer service.

We also provide daily watch news on our social channels to provide something interesting for the budding horologist. Our aim is to provide our customers with a great purchase experience and a beautiful watch on their wrist.

We are the official UK partner and not the Indiegogo partner.  We have no access or information on the orders placed there. Please email support@ciga-design.com for any Indiegogo related information.

Xiaomi Ecological Chain Partner


In 2018, CIGA Design became a 'Xiaomi Ecological Chain Partner' which means that our watches can be purchased in select 'Xiaomi Mi' stores. Xiaomi partner with hand-picked brands that form a complementary synergy within their stores. The relationship with Xiaomi began when CIGA Design crowdsourced their first watch on the Xiaomi owned 'Youpin' crowdsourcing platform, and on the success of this campaign and many more, Xiaomi invested and partnered with CIGA Design.

CIGA Design





Zhang Jianming

  • 30-year experience of Industrial Design
  • Top 10 Best Industrial Designers in China
  • Chairman of Shenzhen Zhongshi Zongheng Design
  • Founder / CEO of CIGA DESIGN
  • VI System Designer of China National Stadium
  • VI System Designer of China Railway System

Core Values

CIGA Design adheres to an affirmative design concept, which is to enable more people to enjoy better products. Through strategic partnerships, CIGA Design is able to provide great products at affordable prices.


The Journey

November 2012
CIGA Design established

October 2013
The first CIGA Design wristwatch is launched and wins the 2013 Red Dot Design Award

March 2014
CIGA Design become the first Chinese watchmaker to exhibit at the Brand Hall in Baselworld

June 2016
CIGA Design exhibit within China's Forbidden City

March 2017
CIGA Design win the iF Gold Award

April 2018
Crowdfunding for the MY Series reaches 1835% with the Z Series reaching 1217%.
CIGA Design join the XIAOMI ecosystem

CIGA Design becomes available in global territories

Strategic partners
CIGA Design has partnered with Seagull, a maker of watch movements that are housed in a quarter of the world's mechanical watches. Through deep co-operation, CIGA Design and Seagull have built on core Seagull movements to create custom variations designed specifically for the CIGA Design range.
Collaborating with acclaimed Designers
Michael Young was born in 1966 in Sunderland and graduated from Kingston University in 1992. The following year, he founded the Michael Young Studio with the aim of providing exclusive, quality design services across an eclectic range of markets - from interiors to technology. Michael's works have been collected by the Louvre Palace and Pompidou Centre in France, the Die Neue Sammlung Gallery in Germany and the London Design Museum.
Smartwatches play a useful role in many watch collections, but there will always be a space that only traditional watches can fill.

A watch is not just functional but is a reflection of personality and individual thinking.