Which Hand Do Watches Go On? Left or Right?

Which Hand Do Watches Go On? Left or Right?

We can all agree that a wristwatch is a staple accessory, offering both practical and stylish benefit. So, why can't we agree on which wrist your watch should go on? It might seem like just a fashion faux pas but choosing which wrist your watch should go on has a practical impact, so here's how you decide which wrist is right for you.

Where did the Left Wrist Rule Come From?

Most people acknowledge that you are 'meant' to wear your watch on the left wrist and to wear it on the right is considered 'wrong'. The truth is that there is no clear-cut rule on this; the assumption only came about due to most people being right-handed and wearing it on the non-dominant hand.

Which Hand do You Write With?

For the majority of watch-wearers, this is the predominant question that prioritises one wrist over another. Because of writing and doing a number of actions with a dominant hand, it is best practice to wear a watch on the opposing wrist so as to go about your day's activities more easily. This avoids potential wear and tear of the watch strap and scratching of the clock face.

Ease of Use

It is also much easier to use a watch when it is on the less dominant hand. For example, you can then check the time when you're on the go, writing, texting or even chugging coffee, since you're likely to be doing all those activities with the dominant hand, leaving your watch hand free to glance at.

Is the Crown on the Right?

If your watch has a lot of hardware such as the crown (the dial used to set the time) and other mechanical adjusters, it is likely that it was designed to be worn on the left wrist, with the adjusting hardware on the right. This is so they can be easily reached and adjusted with your dominant hand. There are watch designers catering to left-handed folk by putting the crowns on the left-hand side, but these are harder to come by.

Does it Make a Difference to Your Watch?

You might think the location of your watch makes no difference, but that might not be the case. For example, if you wear your watch on your dominant hand, the increased movement and daily micro-impacts could reduce it's working life or make it more prone to mechanical problems further down the line. 

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