Matching Your Watch With Your Style

Matching Your Watch With Your Style

Today's styles are more modern and trendier than ever. It seems that once we find a look we like, it is out of style the very next season. For many men, this can become very frustrating, almost impossible to look our best on every occasion. Yet, while clothing styles might change with the season, there is one accessory that classic, even timeless.

We are talking about the wristwatch. As fashion goes, men's timepieces seem to hold their style much longer than any other accessory. This makes purchasing a high quality, stylish timepiece even more important.

One mistake that we see men make often is that they will only buy one watch and wear it every day to any occasion. From work and play, to their best friend's wedding or a formal event, they will wear the very same watch time and time again. The reason that this is a style mistake is that not every watch goes with every outfit and not every watch should be worn to every occasion. We must match our watches to our outfits and, for some, that can be a challenge.

If you are struggling with creating a stylish look and matching your watch to your outfit, keep reading for some useful tips that will help you do just that!


How To Match Watches To Outfits

Create A Versatile Base Collection Of Watches - when just one timepiece won't do, you will want to create a collection of stylish watches that suit both your style and your needs. Different watches suit different occasions so you will want to select a few watches that are suitable to your lifestyle. Let's take a look at some watches that you should have in your collection.

A Simple Dress Watch - a simple dress watch with a stainless steel, white gold, silver or rhodium case is understated enough for daily wear, yet can still be dressed up for more elegant events.

A Second Simple Dress Watch - this time, choose one with a gold or rose case which matches any other gold accessories that you have. This gives you a little more flexibility when coordinating your style.

A Casual Or Sports Watch - a casual watch which can be worn for more casual occasions, sporting events or on holiday should reflect your personal style and can be as colourful as you like. Just be sure to purchase one that is made of high quality materials and that is water-resistant.

What About A Smart Watch?
For starters, don't consider a smart watch a 'watch'. It is an extension of your phone and shouldn't be compared to traditional timepieces. Smartwatches play a useful role in many collections, but there will always be a space that only traditional watches can fill. A watch is not just functional but is a reflection of personality and individual thinking.

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