J Series Zen Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch - A Functional, Wearable Work Of Art

J Series Zen Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch - A Functional, Wearable Work Of Art

When it comes to modern, contemporary timepiece design, watchmakers have many sources of inspiration to draw from. Many wristwatch designers take cues from nature, including bamboo and other organic materials, and incorporate them into the design of their wristwatches. Others might look to urban environments and design their timepieces using elements of glass and steel. Then, there are those that take a different route. One where they use the natural beauty of the physical and spiritual world around them to create something truly remarkable.

J Series Zen Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch

Such is the case with CIGA Design’s all new J Series Zen automatic mechanical skeleton wristwatch. Using the 7 Zen Aesthetic Principles, formed by a fusion of Shinto and Buddhist ideals, the designers of the J Series Zen wanted to create something so different and unique, that it will immediately become a favourite of watch collectors around the world.
The 7 Zen Aesthetic Principles

What are the 7 Zen Aesthetic Principles?

Japanese aesthetic principles and the ideals they relate to act as a sort of lens through which nature, objects, people, and art are perceived in Japan. The 7 Zen Aesthetic Principles provide us with a guide which can be used in our minds and in the real world to create a sense of order and balance in our lives. This is called Wabi-Sabi, or the two distinct concepts that are often fused to encapture the beauty of things that are “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.

Zen philosophy outlines seven aesthetic principles for achieving Wabi-Sabi:
• Fukinsei: Asymmetry, Irregularity
• Kanso: Simplicity
• Koko: Basic, Weathered
• Shizen: Without Pretense, Natural
• Yugen: Subtly Profound Grace, Not Obvious
• Datsuzoku: Unbounded By Convention, Free
• Seijaku: Tranquillity, Silence

CIGA Design’s All New J Series Zen Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch

The CIGA Design J Series is a Chinese-Japanese co-creation inspired by shared traditional Karesansui and Zen aesthetics. The J Series timepiece ‘carries the aura and presentation of a Karesansui garden, ‘Dry Landscape' or ‘Dry Mountains and Water.' In a Zen garden, water is represented by sand, and mountains are represented by stone. The CIGA Design J Series Zen-inspired aesthetics parallel the layers with levels of consciousness. The solid outer layer represents all that is present in our physical reality. The semi-transparent middle layer represents the inner world of the mind and subconscious – where our thoughts, feelings, and identity exist. The fully transparent centre layer represents the essential core of existence - all that we are and our ever-present connection to the universe.’

Featuring a micron-precision dial, innovative time display, and Japan made movement, the CIGA Design J Series is more than an exercise in Zen design, it’s a fully functional, wearable work of art.

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