Iconic Watches In Film History

Iconic Watches In Film History

From one-liners to outfits and props, there's a lot to love and remember about films. What's great about really memorable works of art is that they're often held up as the cultural touchstone of the year they were released. You can tell a lot about an era just by watching a classic including fashion and design trends. From the mid-20th century, onwards filmmakers started to see bigger budgets dedicated to wardrobe, which birthed some iconic, original watches. Here are some of our favourites.

Dr. No: Sean Connery's Rolex Submariner 6538

The Holy Grail of movie watches, the Rolex Submariner reference 6538 worn by Sean Connery in Dr No is a real contender. With a small budget and no help from Rolex during production, producer Cubby Broccoli supposedly gave Sean Connery the watch off of his own wrist, and it ended up becoming a legendary timepiece.

Seiko - Predator

It was digital-analogue Seiko model H558-5009 until it ended up on the wrist of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. The watch immediately became famous in its own right, and so identified with Schwarzenegger that today it's still called the "Arnie".

The Hamilton Ventura - Men In Black

What makes a watch iconic? Its ability to stand the test of time. The timeless Hamilton Ventura has been featured in all of the Men in Black movies, including the latest reboot in 2019! The arrowhead style case was first released in 1957, making it both old school and futuristic at the same time, which is not an easy feat. Fun fact: several different models were used throughout the films.

Tag Heuer Monaco - Le Mans

Nicknamed "King of Cool" we couldn't exclude the one and only Steve McQueen from this list. He was a top box-office draw, and you couldn't miss whatever accessory he donned. In the 1971 thriller, Le Mans, he played a driver whose team was sponsored by Heuer. As part of the uniform, he sported the Heuer Monaco 1133 and what a piece it was! Both the square face and sundials make it a real scene-stealer.

Casio CA53-W - Back to the Future

No list detailing the most iconic watches in film history would be complete without Michael J. Fox's trusty Casio. Despite the fact his character's watch couldn't keep proper time (prompting him to check if it was ticking despite being digital), both the character Marty McFly and the Casio CA53-W are two of the biggest symbols of the '80s.
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