How To Choose A Watch Strap

How To Choose A Watch Strap

Watch straps deserve a lot of attention and choosing the right one can seem quite tricky. To an outside observer, the strap is equally as visible as the face of the watch, but we often get caught up in the beauty of the dial, that we quickly forget about the strap itself. After all, straps are typically the cheaper component of the watch, even though it's still crafted to fit the watch with precision.

Keeping that in mind, when choosing a watch strap, it's essential to consider the strap material. We stock three staples: tough nylon, silicone and leather. A wearer should own all three and change them accordingly.

Nylon - available in a wide variety of patterns and colours for a completely new look in an instant. Supplied with quick release pins, switching between strap types is as easy as possible.

Silicone - comfortable, vibrant, waterproof and odour resistant. Our silicone straps transform your watch from quietly reserved to conga leader at the flick of a quick-release lever!

Leather - choose leather straps if you prefer a more luxurious feel, great natural looks and decent durability. The contrast between soft, natural leather and a highly polished watch face is visually beautiful, and the distinct aroma of leather adds to the overall feel. Vintage leather forms unique creases and lines as it moves to fit your wrist, which in time produces a distinctive, individual appearance. Our leather straps are equipped with quick-release pins for fast, simple changes.
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