How A New Watch Strap Can Breathe New Life Into Your Old Watch

How A New Watch Strap Can Breathe New Life Into Your Old Watch

For many of us, we have a favourite watch that is an invaluable accessory that we wouldn’t part with for any amount of money. Perhaps it is an expensive timepiece that we worked hard for and rewarded ourselves with, or it might be a family heirloom which has been passed down for generations. Whatever the case, our favourite watch has a special place in our hearts and on our wrists.

But, when you stop and think for a moment, does that favourite timepiece of yours really go with everything? Does it suit every occasion and can we wear it to a wedding one day, and our favourite sporting event the next? Is your watch looking tired with its worn band that you have to keep repairing? If any of this sounds familiar, keep reading as we are going to show you how to breathe new life into your trusted timepiece.

NATO Straps from My Next Watch make breathing new life into your old, worn-out watch easy and affordable. With several colours and styles to choose from, there is a NATO Strap to suit every style and every occasion.

Whether it’s something you save or splurge on, your watch is a reflection of you. Sporty and rugged or formal and refined — it’s all in the strap you choose. Experiment with interchangeable straps until you find some you like and that you’re comfortable in. 

Not only are NATO Straps stylish and colourful, but they are durable as well. Made of strong ballistic nylon with high gloss hardware, NATO Straps are built to withstand just about anything.

What Is A NATO Strap?

Now that you know some of the benefits of a NATO strap, let’s take a look at what a NATO Strap is. A NATO Strap is an easily adjustable band conceived initially in 1973. It was issued to soldiers by the British Ministry of Defence as a durable, weatherproof strap which was able to stand up to the rigours of war. Often referred to as a G10 strap, this derived from the name of the form that had to be filled out in order to apply for the strap from the quartermaster. Today, they are just as durable and stylish and can handle just about anything from a challenging outdoor workout, to a beach wedding and more.

If you are looking for ways to breathe new life into your watch, choose a NATO Strap and add both style and durability to your look in no time.

Our straps are 22mm wide and made to fit our Full Hollow and Z Series timepieces. Other sizes can be ordered on request.

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