Five items that every gentleman should own

Five items that every gentleman should own

Success and style don’t come from just anywhere. To get ahead in life
and to be your best self, a man needs his basics. Simply put, there are
some staples that every gentleman’s wardrobe should have. Start the
year putting your best foot forward with these five must-have items.

A Fitted Blazer

Regardless of your job role, no man should be without a fitted blazer.
Not only is formal-casual the quickest way to feel your best self, but they are the most flexible staple – easy to pull on and perfect for a great
many occasions. From bossing that business meeting to showing up to
your dinner date in style, a blazer that is professionally tailored will take
you places.

A Signature Scent

Out of sight, out of mind, so while you’re developing your own personal
brand, it helps to have your signature scent. Your earlier years are for
experimenting with brands and different hints, but every gentleman must have a go-to. Wearing a signature scent as part of your daily routine will help you feel your best and ensure people remember you!


Long gone are the days where a bare bachelor pad would suffice, a
gentleman knows that his surroundings enrich his life, which means it’s
time to invest in some art. Getting an understanding of what you like
might take time but owning art is worth the wait.

Music Player

Music is a great way to influence our mood, set the atmosphere in our
homes and even romance someone, so a good music player, be it a
record player for your vinyl’s or a great Bluetooth speaker is a must.

A Great Watch

Keep those appointments and manage your time in style. Every
gentleman needs a great watch, something stylish to complement both
formal and informal outfits. Buying a great watch is an investment in a
timepiece – with great care they can last decades. For help choosing the perfect watch for you, don’t hesitate to browse our website or get in touch with us here.
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